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Iconic Artworks

August 2017 Life & Style Magazine, Fraser Coast Chronicle, CoverA chronlogical list of Rebecca's commissioned & iconic artworks & acheivments:


  • Whale Town - A total classic, a quirky representation of Hervey Bay. Includes a very happy whale, whale watching boats & the iconic Urangan Pier. Simple, yet deep, loved by young & old. Whale Town is on almost every product & possibly the highest selling design. This is pretty much where it all began.


  • Urangan Market -  The Urangan Pier Park Market committee asked Rebecca to ‘whip up a quick logo’ for the market. A week later they asked if it was done yet & were sent a progress shot, “take your time” was the happy reply. Used in the markets advertising material & on ABRJ products;

  • August 2017 Life & Style Magazine, Fraser Coast Chronicle, ArticleFunky Fraser Island - Painted to celebrate the amazing & diverse K'gari Fraser Island. Like the island itself, there is so much to find & surprise.

  • Mini Mia's Magical World of Dance, Written by KJ Mossman - Rebecca got right out of her comfort zone to illustrate this book, once upon a time she just wouldn't paint people. Matt insisted & Rebecca gave in, screaming all the way... The illustrations were completed in a matter of months, sadly it took a bit over a year to get published, but Rebecca illustrated her first children's book. She & Matt learnt alot along the way.

  • High Tide at Toogoom, commisioned by Beks & Adam Franks from Goody's on the Beach - These guys loved Whale Town & Matt was never going to part with it! To keep everyone happy, Rebecca painted a similar scene, lots of the same animals with a background representing Toogoom.


  • Sporty Scarness, commissioned by Hervey Bay Triathlon Club - Completed with a two week deadline, it took a monster 90 hours to paint & a few more of computer editing to get this piece ready as the official artwork for the 2017 Hervey Bay 100 Triathlon (Hundy), used on singlets, jerseys & trisuits. 

  • Urangan Pier 1917 - 2017 - A history of the Urangan Pier captured in this one scene. The pier at the its original length with crane, buildings & ship, moving down to  the current use of the pier & attached park for recreation. A huge favourite for any who remember the pier as original & those who don't.

  • Learn to Swim, commissioned by Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre & Fraser Coast Regional Council - A huge mural encompassing two walls of the 25m learn to swim pool at the Hervey Bay Aquatic Centre. The painting includes some signature Rebecca Jane elements & incorporates the animals that represent the different levels of the learn to swim programme;

  • The Great Australian Dream, commissioned by Kingston Hervey Bay - Owning ones own home & sharing a sense of community is a big part of the Australian Dream, shared by Kingston Hervey Bay, stubby coolers with this design were given to people who purchased land at Kingston.

  • St Catherines, commisioned by St Catherine's Reunion Committee - St Catherines orphanage no longer stands, but its former residents still gather to remember good times & bad & offer support to each other.

  • The Clouds of Montville, A celebration of the wonderful little town of Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Truly it is another world.

  • Let's Fly a Kite,  A simple depiction of the historical town of Maryborough on the banks of the Mary River in the Fraser Coast region. The birthplace of PL Travers & the home of Mary Poppins.

  • (Cruising -) Feast on East - After being accepted into the Feast on East Market held on the East Shores in Gladstone when the cruise ships dock, Rebecca couldn't help herself (Matt may have insisted) but paint this cool view of the area. It made the local paper, along with our gorgeous girl Brandy sitting in a basket.


  • Life & Style Magazine, front cover & feature article, Fraser Coast Chronicle -  Feature article about the talented artist behind Art by Rebecca Jane & that guy that does the other stuff...Matt was of course given a lot of credit.

  • Sporty Scarness, commissioned by Hervey Bay Triathlon Club - Two years in a row as the artwork for the Hervey Bay 100 Trithlon (Hundy). In 2018 it featured on beach towels measuring 150cm x 75cm, described by many as the 'best beach towel ever'.

  • Cody's Coffee Shack - A cool & colourful cafe on the Esplanade, Torquay in Hervey Bay. Rebecca just couldn't help herself.

  • Fisherman's Friend - Griffiths Island Lighthouse, Portfairy. A stockist in Port Fairy wanted more local scenes & was very happy with this.

  • Toast to the Coast (aka the Drinkwater Commission), commissioned by Andrew & Alison Drinkwater - From Bundaberg in the north to Fraser Island in the south. So very much to find in this piece, a great blend of Rebecca's quirky & semi-realistic styles.

  • Pelicans on the Pier - Inspired by a photo. Pelicans can often be found within arms reach on the iconic Urangan Pier.


  • Cultural Award of the Year, 2019 Fraser Coast Regional Council Australia Day Awards - Rebecca was very surprised & honoured. Matt wasn't so surprised. Well earned by Rebecca, her artwork is fantastic advertising for the Fraser Coast Region.

  • Fraser Coast Fun, commissioned by Fraser Coast Tourism & Events - The objective was simple: Hervey Bay's and Fraser Island's "Hero Attractions". And this is what we got the Urangan Pier featuring a pelican, sea eagle & the Kite Festival, Great Sandy Straits Marina, Whales & from Fraser Island Maheno ship wreck, Eli Creek, Champagne Pools, Indian Head, a dingo, Lake McKenzie, Red Canyon, Prince Harry & Butchulla Elder Joe Joe, Central Station, a Kingfisher Bird, Kingfisher Jetty & Lake Wabby. Well over 200 hours of painting plus several days of grooling, painstaking research on glorious Fraser Island.

  • EAT at Dan & Steph's - Dan & Steph wanted to immortalise their restaurant & asked Rebecca to paint it...in black & white. Of course we all know that isn't her style... Rebecca painted EAT her way & then Matt turned it black & white for Dan & Steph. Loved it.

  • Hervey Bay Street Library, commissioned by Fraser Coast Libraries & Fraser Coast Regional Council - Art & books can take you to another world, which can easily be seen here. Featuring the paintings: Pastel Pier, Colourful Turtles, Sunset Beach & Whale Tail. The street library can be seen on The Esplanade, Scarness outside World Bazaar gift shop.

  • Relax & Unwind, commissioned by Karina Wilson at Wander & Find Skincare - For use on Wander & Find Skincare makeup cases. Another request for black & white artwork from Rebecca, once again she got to paint her own colourful & funky way, Matt then converted it into black & white. Rebecca immediately had the vision for this piece & included Karina's dear cat Robson (sadly passed since) & one of Karina's favourite things ever...tea!

  • Hundy Cheers, commissioned by Hervey Bay Triathlon Club - 3 Years in a row Rebecca's awesome artwork has been connected with the Hervey Bay 100 Triathlon. This year a new piece created specifically for beach towels. Ironically the request for this piece ended up sounding like "paint the other one again" but somehow Rebecca managed to make it fresh and interesting while incorporating the new (relatively) "Barge 2 Beach" race & few other requests.

  • Moonaboola, commissioned by Genesis Cancer Care, Hervey Bay - Genesis names their cancer treatment machines after the local area, this one the Aboriginal name for the Mary River. From quaint Maryborough down the winding river to Fraser Island. Includes native flora & fauna as well as well known landmarks. A piece sure to bring a little brightness to the patients' day.


  • Love Lady Elliot, commisioned by Lady Elliott Island Eco Resort - After a night on the island, Rebecca & Matt had seen it all & fallen in love with the island, but failed to absorb it well enough. Another two nights & it had all crystalised in Rebecca's mind & she spent over 300 hours painting a fantastic map representing LEI and many of the amazing historical and natural wonders that can be found there.

  • Turtle Island, another painting of Lady Elliot Island, for all the turtle lovers.


  • Bollon on the Wallam, a short visit to our friends at Nullawokka Gallery in which Rebecca and Matt were shown the sights and culture of the small outback town. Rebecca painted the town, capturing the hearts of locals and tourists.
  • Island Vibes, after another trip to their very favourite place, Rebecca was once again inspired to paint the western side of the island and some of its lesser seen inhabitants, including the Blanket Octopus, Inspector Clouseau (pink Manta), Elvis the giant Loggerhead Turtle and more.
  • What's On Fraser Coast Magazine, December/January Edition, In a bright and colourful 2 page spread Rebecca and Matt were interviewed about their business to date.


  • Megastars of Montville, commissioned by Greg & Gayle (AKA Mr & Mrs Fudgyboombahs) of Fudgyboombahs in Montville. Measuring 2m long, this 'mega' project took 5 months to complete and was unveiled at a suitably grand event in Montville, with many of the businesses included as guests.


  • Thriving Torquay, commissioned by our stockist, Emily, from Torquay Local Post Office. Depicting the Torquay Beach and Esplanade, this piece is vibrant and fun, featuring many local businesses and activities, with Rebecca Jane's unmistakable and quirky detail. It can be viewed behind the counter at the Torquay Local Post Office, many sourvenirs are available featuring this artwork. Please support this local business, which supports us!

We promise there is always something new and exciting round the corner!

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